The future of security is here.

iProtect is a SMART solution that combines the power of modern automation with our trusted security services to deliver maximum protection and convenience. Have control at any time, from anywhere using your mobile device to:

  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • Access live views from your security cameras and get instant alerts when motion is detected
  • Get business analytics like heat mapping, queue monitoring and crowd counting
  • Remotely control energy use by monitoring lights, air conditioning, and other appliances
  • Activate smoke, water leak, and flood sensors which also send alerts to you, saving you from costly disasters before they occur


Heat Mapping

Invisible ground zones track the location and time duration of customers, employees, guests, and others. Time lapsed or single image heat maps examine average spot movements for marketing insights and other consumer information.

Crowd Gathering

Virtual ground zones count the number of people in a specific area. Track unwanted loitering by both customers and employees. Immediate mobile device alerts will appear for overcapacity situations.

Queue Monitoring

Virtual zone manages average customer wait time. Notifications appear if the queue length exceeds pre-set durations.

Occupancy & People Counting

A virtual tripwire at building entrances captures total occupancy via multi-directional counting. Receive immediate alerts about exceeding capacity levels.