Thinking, tactical, ready for service.

Guardsman understands that the modern security environment demands a diverse mix of skills to deliver quality service and results for our clients. Our elite G-Force service pairs the capabilities of a well-trained security team with advanced technology to present best-in-class safety solutions for you and your business.

The present and future of security demand the efficient deployment of resources, smaller units, ever-present operations, and reliable response backed by proper assessment.

G-Force is your key to creating a safer environment. The Four Pillars of Smart Service Excellence:


Cameras Powered by AI Technology with real-time alerts

Our AI-powered system uses security cameras to detect threats or suspicious activities and send alerts.

Central Command Centre

Our centre uses AI-powered cameras to send alerts to a central station that filters, verifies, and dispatches the required armed response teams. If there are guards on the location, they will direct the guards on the location to respond and send backup armed response when necessary.

Guardsman University

On-demand training prepares security teams for the modern environment while enhancing service delivery through a focus on customer service, digital skills, and critical thinking.

Remote Guard Management, Monitoring and Reporting Software

SmartTask is a guard force management software designed for the efficient management of guard scheduling. It enhances the optimal posting of guards to roles suited to their level of experience and training. The system also manages the officers' booking on and off time to give more visibility of the activities of thousands of officers.