Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent security at your service.

As the local and regional leader in private security, Guardsman’s strategy is to provide our clients with the most innovative new services. In 2021 we took the step to onboard intelligent security services to increase the value offered to our clients who need much more than the traditional support provided by manpower only.

Guardsman AI-powered software solutions can be embedded in almost any existing camera system to turn ‘regular’ cameras into SMART. Clients will save time and money by the ability to convert existing cameras installed to unlock these supercharged features.


Our suite of B2B solutions includes:

License Plate Detection captures and stores license plate numbers, an important feature in the investigation of incidents. Also features facial recognition and the ability to merge. With access control systems to control gates and other entry/exit points.

Facial Recognition

Detects or recognizes authorized or unauthorized individuals (even with a mask). Businesses, government entities, and law enforcement agencies can use this feature to quickly detect and respond to breaches, unauthorized access, most wanted/criminals, and VIP clients who require special attention.

Object Recognition

Alerts businesses when illegal and prohibited objects are detected such as guns or other weapons. However, businesses can determine what object they consider of interest as it could also be a laptop or other objects.

Location Detection

Allows cameras to detect when a predetermined zone of interest has been breached by an unauthorized individual and prevent an intrusion before it occurs.

Crowd Counting

Allows companies to count the number of people in a set area. An alert can be sent if the number of persons exceeds a limit or is used to simply count the number of people.