Aerial Surveillance

The force multiplier.

We offer aerial surveillance security services through autonomous drones that can be automatically dispatched when a security alarm is triggered. The drone provides a high-definition live stream video to the security team and records footage for immediate or future use.


Always on Duty

Drones are mission-ready 24/7 and can be scheduled to do repeated patrol missions based on the client’s needs. Enjoy the agility of security that’s ever-ready for deployment.

Virtual Vigilance

Events can be recorded as they unfold. Our drones detect human and vehicular activity, detecting threats and allowing us to send response teams when necessary.

Valuable Vantage Point

Whether proactive or reactive, drones can provide a unique vantage point. Our drones can be programmed to fly pre-determined paths and pre-determined times or be used to investigate a perimeter breach once detected.

Real-time Response

Fitted with thermal cameras, we can use our drones to assess threat situations before responding and provide real-time intelligence to the responding team members to better coordinate our approach.
Additional features can be added to monitor changes in an area as may be required for squatter management and other monitoring functions. This too can be automated.