An integrated approach that combines technology, trained professionals and data to meet your unique needs.

Reinvent Your Security with Technology

We design comprehensive solutions using an integrated approach called SynRgi to merge advanced security technology with traditional methods. This approach allows us to provide a more efficient total security solution that addresses physical security needs as well as cyber security, business analytics and business continuity. We partner with our clients to understand their risks, needs and pain-points in order to design a customized solution to meet their unique needs.  

We’re a company of innovation.

 We recognize that in today’s growing landscape, truly effective security goes beyond utilizing only a guard service or only a camera. Instead, comprehensive service requires integration with technology that is ever-alert and leverages smart notifications to bring the needed manned backup at a moment’s notice.  

After extensive internal and external research and development, we are launching the SynRgi approach that adds a layer of Artificial Intelligence to almost any existing camera giving customers the ability to add facial recognition, license plate detection, people tracking, weapon/object detection and so much more.

These solutions are supported by our G-Force team, a team of security officers trained to use security technology for better threat detection, allowing them to receive real-time alerts to respond faster and more effectively.

Through a well-connected system, G-Force communicates directly to our 24-hour Central Monitoring Centre that is also fed real-time alerts through cameras, and dispatches our Armed Dynamic Response team for ultimate support and protection.