Kenny Benjamin | We must form a public-private partnership to fight crime in Jamaica

Kenny Benjamin formed security company Guardsman 45 years ago and it has gone on to become the leader in its field. At an event held at the AC Marriott Hotel in St Andrew, the company unveiled Guardsman Metaverse, its latest technological offerings.

During his presentation, Benjamin called for a closer collaboration between the public and the private sector in fighting what seems to be the insurmountable surge in criminal activity in Jamaica.

Below is the founder and executive Chairman of the Guardsman Group’s full address:

Guardsman always has been and always will be a company that thinks outside of the box.

We have always listened carefully to what our clients require and we have found a way to deliver. It is you, our clients who have not only kept us focused on providing world class service, but have driven us to remain focused on the future, to explore new avenues and to evolve.