Guardsman proposes partnership with gov’t to reduce crime in Jamaica

Private security company Guardsman on Tuesday unveiled a suite of high-tech security solutions and called for a partnership with the government to address the country’s out-of-control crime problem.

Dubbed the Guardsman Metaverse, the options promise an innovative, new integrated approach to security, inclusive of highly trained security guards combined with sophisticated technology including artificial intelligence (AI) powered cameras, cyber intelligence, aerial surveillance and a new mobile app.

Several ministers and opposition members present were impressed with the presentation at the AC Marriott Hotel in Kingston and agreed with the need for more collaboration between the private security industry and government.

“For us to deliver more seamless and intelligence-powered solutions to deal with crime in our island nation, Honorable Minister (Dr Horace) Chang, as a leader of the largest security company in Jamaica, my team and I are in a unique position and along with our nationals security we can play a critical role in diminishing crime in Jamaica”, Guardsman Executive Chairman Kenny Benjamin said, directly addressing the Minister of National Security.