Guardsman Metaverse

Who We Are

An integrated security solutions company working to make businesses and homes safer and more secure by blending the most advanced security technology with traditional security solutions.
What We Do

Reinvent Your Security with Technology

Metaverse joins a rich tradition of quality services to leading corporate, government, retail and private clients across a diverse spread of industries. Our mission is to redesign your security with just the right combination of technology and man-power to improve your security and protect your most valuable assets.

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Our Promise

We invite you to experience a new vision of security with Guardsman Metaverse.

Our aim is to improve your business and quality of life with smart solutions that enhance your security and reduce risk. The fundamental pillars of our strategy lies with high-level technology, extensively-trained security professionals, and data.

Technology powered by artificial intelligence never sleeps, detecting threats 24/7, and feeding real-time alerts to security professionals who will respond with greater accuracy. The power of technology streamlines information to a diversified portfolio of security services to keep your business operating far more efficiently than you could ever imagine.


To create a smart, safe and secure world.


We empower our clients through services that manage risks by pioneering innovative, cost effective, integrated solutions that protect people, assets, and operations.


  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Customer Obsession
  • Caring for People and Planet
  • Operational Excellence