A new dimension of security

The Guardsman Group of Companies has officially launched its newest arm, Guardsman Metaverse, which will offer a comprehensive suite of technology-based security solutions in Jamaica.

Formerly Guardsman Communications Limited t/a Guardsman Alarms, Guardsman Metaverse Limited boasts a host of solutions slated to transform the local security industry.

With new high-tech tools, many of which are the first of their kind in the country, the company has been branded as ‘a new dimension of security’ and has vowed to optimise and enhance the cadre of traditional security solutions currently available in the industry.

“When people think of Guardsman Metaverse, they should think of integrated, personalised security solutions. The service is provided by supplementing the manned guard complement with data from the devices around them, whether it is an alarm sensor or a camera alert. And in the true sense of the digital world in which we now live, Guardsman Metaverse has apps and other functions that allow our boots on the ground to be aware of threats in real-time, to react and to summon the nearest backup in seconds, if necessary,” expressed managing director of Guardsman Metaverse Limited, Renee Menzies-McCallum.